Joe Sanchez

Founder & Principal
10 Years
+541 570 1550

Personal Information

A man who describes himself as a serial entrepreneur, is more of a serial almsgiver. With founding over six companies in his past, he had educated thousands of people on a multitude of topics and ideals. He has an eye for opportunity but a heart that was crafted for a life of altruism. His experiences range from starting (an organization that aims to bring church to people outside of the traditional four walls) in 2007, to founding Growbox farms in Portland Oregon. Now he leads us into the modern world of SEO, digital design, and modern marketing. Our founder is someone whose mind is constantly fixated on the greater good.


Logo Design
WP Development

Fun Facts

OS: Android, Windows 10

Abaci Used: On the daily I use the custom PC my son built. It’s powerful and designed for me, so it’s perfect to me. At the moment I have a Samsung Note 9; I love how big the screen is. It makes it easy and intuitive to use for business on the go.

Potential Metaphorization Animal: African Lion. Lions are not only majestic and powerful creatures, but they are leaders by nature as well. I find that I can identify with lions because I too am a leader, I’ve always been a leader, it’s something I was born with.  

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