Jasmine Vander Meide

Marketing Director
5 Years
+541 570 1550

Personal Information

Jasmine is a passionate believer in the Bloxspace vision, which is why she was chosen to captain any and all marketing expenditures. With years’ experience working with marketing contracts prior to Bloxspace, her expertise in marketing has never been questioned.  She dreams of building a worldwide community that’s educated on business developmental techniques with the solid foundations of transparent attitude, and commitment to a better world.


Digital Design
Social Media Marketing
Campaign Managment


OS: iOS, Mac OS Sierra, and a tattered Sudoku book

Abaci Used: IPhone 7 is what I use because i really like how well IPhones communicate with Macs, plus group chats are way better on an IPhone vs. an Android. At home I have a Macbook Air and it’s super user friendly which I love about it, but it’s also what I hate about it.

Potential Metaphorization Animal: River Otter. After a memorable yet wavy day of S.C.U.B.A diving, two little river otters came out and played on the dock in front of my friend and I. I like to think I’m kinda like a river otter; I’m playful and I love to swim, but I’m not a fish.

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