Spice Up Your Emails with these Greetings (and reduce the snooze-fests)

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Dear Mrs. Example,

Happy Wednesday,

I hope this message finds you in good health…

(Reader commences snoozing…)

All of the above email greetings are the most common to fill my inbox. I myself am guilty of using ‘hello’ and ‘dear’ far to often. But, what else am I supposed to say?

As weird as this may sound, I was composing an email to a colleague I found attractive. Being the awkward person I am, I spent forever looking at a blank email template. I was just going to write hello, but that seemed to informal. I was then struck with the idea to lead with a joke. Turns out, I’m not funny. And all the jokes on the internet and tirelessly tacky.

So there I continued to stare, blankly.

I decided to leave my unwritten email unsent for a bit, and do some actual work. So naturally I started another email to a colleague about a marketing issue we were experiencing. But, just like the other email, I couldn’t find a way to start it. ‘Hello’ was just to boring.

So then I started thinking, what are some alternative email greetings? After some deep soul searching (and internet research) I managed to come up with some unconventional and also professional email greetings. So, if your about to compose a new masterpiece to a coworker, future employer, or someone you have a crush on, try using one of the following email greetings!

Semi-Comical Greetings

  • Top-of-the-mornin-to-yah!
  • Howdy
  • Howdy-do
  • Why did the chicken cross the road? To get out of this office!
  • It’s me again
  • Just felt like emailing you because you don’t have enough already
  • How soul sucking has this week been for you?
  • Hope you’re surviving the mayhem
  • You may want to get coffee before you read this
  • Happy unbirthday!
  • Happy not Monday!

Professional Greetings

  • I hope you enjoyed your weekend
  • Good Afternoon/morning
  • Please allow me to introduce myself
  • Thank you for the quick reply
  • Thank you for your connection
  • Thank you for your consideration
  • I greatly treasure this opportunity
  • It’s lovely to hear from you
  • How is the week treating you?
  • I hope you’re doing well

Occasion Greetings

  • Congratulations on (insert achievement here)
  • I’m following up on our (insert thing you’re following up on)
  • Just checking in
  • I wanted to talk more about…
  • I hope you enjoyed your (thing)
  • I heard you got promoted! Congratulations from your now underlings.

Flirtatious greetings

  • Hi
  • Do you like coffee? Would you like to get some? If you don’t they have tea and water. Everyone likes water. It’s also free if you use the fountain, but I’ll buy you bottled.
  • Hello
  • 🙂 (don’t do this one! It’s creepy)

Personal Greetings

  • I loved this (insert thing that they did)
  • This made me think of you
  • I was just remembering that one time…
  • That photo you just posted in awesome!
  • Use a funny GIF if you’re close enough! Example…



Do remember that when you are emailing someone, they tend to be more formal than a text message or any other form of communication. Also do remember that if you are using a company or institutional (like a college) email (ex. @company.com) that they retain a company of all of your emails and have the right to use them against you in the future as they are company property. That being said, it’s probably wise to not flirt over email or send plans on how you plan to sabotage your boss!

Feel free to comment more of your favorite email greetings below!


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