“To build the future, together, one pixel at a time”
Why We're Here

One of the few things in our world that transcends our differences in language, culture, and ideals; is art. It’s the universal appreciation and promotion of creativity that results in artistic creations that bind us together.

All of us here at Bloxspace believe in the power of creativity and the good it can bring to our world. While we may not be the pioneers in a new form of art, we create artwork that can change your world. We aim to build your future, our future, one pixel at a time; together.

We’re more than just another Creative Agency. We’re on a mission. This Company was founded on the idea to offer businesses an ethical agency that focuses on more than just profits. But rather a company that truly believes in the power of creativity, art, and honesty. That’s why our pricing plans are clear and straightforward, along with with our vision. The future is what we’re all building for each other. So let’s build it together.

We've got an Arsenal of Skilled Professionals
From dedicated marketing strategists to creative digital designers, our team can formulate and execute your project flawlessly. Guaranteed.
Website Development
Mobile App Development
Our Executive Team

Our success is a result of teamwork and building upon our technical expertise
and creative style providing a full-service solution to our clients.

Joe Sanchez

Founder & Principal

Rowan Bender

Account Director

Jasmine Vander Meide

Marketing Director

Brianna Sanchez

Office Manager

Joseph Lyte

Production Manager
Our Story

Spring 2018

The Team Forms
For the first time the rag tag bunch of creatives we now call Bloxspace meets for the first time.

Summer 2018

Our First Move
We lease our first office space in Lebanon Oregon

Fall 2018

Gaining Momentum
Our team grows in size and we gather investors who believe in the Bloxspace vision. Construction begins for our permanent office space.

Winter 2019

Open for Bussiness!
Our creative agency takes on our first clients as begin helping other startups, along with designing websites & apps for local businesses.
What our Clients Say

We treat all of our clients like family. We make sure their comfortable, satisfied, and know that we’re looking out for them. That’s what keeps them coming back.