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Retail: Is Your Marketing Plan Ready for the Holiday Season?

Event: Fresh Ideas Can Lift Tired Events

Communication: Who Are You Talking About?

Retail: Is Your Marketing Plan Ready for the Holiday Season?

It is likely you will make more money fourth quarter than any other time throughout the year. Your store is clean and inviting. The displays are appealing. Employees are top-notch and prepared to give outstanding customer service.

The question is ... Have you prepared a strong marketing plan to bring the customers in? Have you given them a compelling reason to shop with you? Is your unique point of difference clear enough to pull customers from the competition?

The truth is, even now, it is not too late to make adjustments to your marketing plan for the holidays. Here are a few tips.

  1. List the main reasons that customers use your products and services. How are you different from your competition? Come up with a unique point of difference.

  2. Promote your unique point of difference in your advertising, store posters, a letter to your customers, maybe even on a button that you and your employees wear.

  3. Hold an event or contest during the Holiday season that gives you a chance to show-off your unique point of difference. Create an exciting and relevant event that brings customers in your door and motivates them to spend some cash!

As a business owner, you may be so busy hiring, training and managing employees, keeping the shelves stocked and paying the bills that you have no time to spend on a strategic marketing plan. The truth is, you are probably very good at hiring, training and managing employees, keeping the shelves stocked and paying the bills ... and that is why you chose to be a business owner. If marketing is not something you understand or enjoy ... leave it to the marketers. But, don't leave it out!

Marketing is an integral component of your success, and chances are, it is the one place you can make a small change and see the biggest increase in your sales and profit. Today, make a decision to strengthen your marketing strategy!

Fresh Ideas Can Lift Tired Event

Events can be fun. Inspiring and motivating. Instructional. Exciting. Memorable. Informative. Rewarding.Tedious. Same-O, Same-O, Been there, done that.

How do your prospective attendees respond to the announcement of an upcoming event? If the response is not an overwhelming, "Can't Wait!", it may be time for a fresh look and some creative inspiration.

Start with a clean sheet of paper and forget everything you have done previously at the event. Then answer this question:

  What benefit(s) will attendees receive?

List everything, practical and impractical, you can do at the event to be sure the attendees receive the desired benefits. Write pages and pages of ideas.

Now, choose the best ideas and plan your event. Your attendees will get the benefit from the event and will be looking forward, with enthusiasm, to the next!

Communication: Who Are You Talking About?

Who do you communicate with when you're at work? Customers? Employees? Other businesses?

Who do you talk about when you communicate? Your needs? Your goals? Your expectations?

Although that's where your thoughts may be, it is important to remember that your audience, whether one employee or all of your buying prospects, have something more important on their mind ... their own self!

Whether you are speaking to your audience, or communicating in writing, you can receive better results when you state your message as a benefit to the listener or reader. Common sense, perhaps, but often hard to do.

Practice focusing on the benefits to your target audience in written communications, whether advertising, direct mail, newsletters or Web site. When in a business conversation, listen to the other person and pay attention to their goals and expectations. You'll better understand their needs and see where your goods or services can fit the bill!

When you focus on the benefits to your target audience, you will communicate more clearly and achieve your goals.

Hey! This is such a good idea, you might want to try it at home with your spouse or children!

Contact Barb Rasko for all of your marketing and event needs. Barb's creativity, fresh ideas, attention to detail and high-level communication skills can have a tremendous IMPACT on the success of your business.

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