The How to Hustle Podcast is the podcast that teaches you the fundamentals of a successful side hustle. Each week your co-hosts Joe, Jasmine, and Rowan discuss topics ranging from the ethics of hustling, to the best hustles around. Coupled by interviews with millionaire entrepreneurs, and our amazing tips and tricks on how to hustle. The How to Hustle Podcast is brought to you by Bloxspace Creative Agency.

Episode 1: What is a hustle?

In this first episode of the how to hustle podcast, you’ll learn exactly what a side hustle is. A side hustle is not a side job. People often confuse these two things, and we’re going to tell you exactly why their different. Don’t know if hustling is for you? It’s not as hard or scary as it may sound. Let your new hustling professors Joe, Jasmine, and Rowan, introduce you into the world of side hustling.

Episode 2: Gaining financial freedom

Why have a side hustle? What’s your goal? The most common goal for people working on a side hustle is to gain financial freedom. But what does that mean to you? To some it may mean getting to take a vacation more than once a year. Or maybe it just means that you can afford to shop in the organic section of the grocery store. Whatever financial freedom means to you, we’re going to tell you how to build a hustle that’ll get you there.

Episode 3: Why your hustle is failing

Whether or not you already have a side hustle or not, this week we’re going to talk about 5 reasons why your hustle isn’t going as well as you hoped. There are 5 key killers that every side hustle needs to have in order to be successful. If your planning on starting a hustle, you’re going to want to avoid these 5 huge mistakes. What are they you ask? You’re just going to have to listen to find out.

Episode 4: Your most important asset is you

In this episode we’re going to talk about the importance of you. After all, you are the one running the side hustle. But with great hustle comes great responsibility. In order for your hustle to grow, you have to be good. You have to have exceptional customer service skills. You have to keep your name clean and treat others with respect. The customer is always right, until they’re not.

Episode 5: The ‘Almost Hustle’ Phenomenon

In today’s podcast we address what we call the ‘almost hustle’ phenomenon. 90% of a people who want to have a hustle, end up with an almost hustle. Meaning their hustles end up failing for one reason of another. But it’s that epic 10% that we all want to be a part of. There are very specific practices and attributes of the successful 10%, but in truth it’s the little things that count. We’re going to tell you what you can do to not fall victim to the ‘almost hustle’.

Episode 6: Pyramid Schemes & MLM’s. Facts & Fictions of Success

Prepare yourself for a heated and emotional debate where we discuss pyramid schemes and Multi Level Marketing (MLM’s) businesses. What’s the difference between them. Is there one? Why are MLMs legal, and Pyramid Schemes not? Can you actually build yourself a successful hustle running off an MLM business model? All this and more in this week’s episode.