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Oregons #1 new creative agency is now serving the larger Corvallis area. Bloxspace Creative Agency is formally based out of nearby Lebanon Oregon, but has a large initiative to focus greatly on assisting businesses in Corvallis.

While Bloxspace Creative Agency is new to the Corvallis area, it’s founders are not. Corvallis is full of small local businesses that value their community greatly. With the bustling weekly farmers market, small boutique shops, and the lack of large box stores, Corvallis is a community focused on people. With many of Bloxspace’s employees located in the Corvallis area, we have home ties to the community.

Bloxspace aims to establish positive relationships with many of the local business in the area with the goal of helping them flourish. Our creative agency is founded on the idea of helping businesses grow, one pixel at a time.

What is a creative agency exactly?

Basically, It’s a bunch of rag-tag artistic professionals who all decided to come together to create. We’re not number punchers, or data entry specialists, we’re artists. Whether it’s through words, code, or digital designs, everything we create is a piece of digital art.

We all live to do what we do. We’re not you’re average 9 to 5 people. Bloxspace is designed to be a company where creatives thrive, and you reap the benefits.

What do we do?

Each of our on staff Bloxspace team excels in a different aspect of our creative agency. From online marketing, to nitty gritty work of launching a startup, we’ve got your back. While we’re creatives at heart, we also know how to optimize your business and excel in the technical aspects.

We offer a range of services for all of your businesses needs. Including…

If you don’t know what some of those services are, feel free to check out our services page to find out more.

What do you need?

Don’t worry, we won’t try and up sell you on something you don’t need. The Corvallis area needs a creative agency that understands budgets and community. That being said, we’re confident in our ability to help any business increase their profits and their efficiency.

We have years of experience working with small businesses and large corporations, and know how to function on a budget. We also know that we can help you.

Maybe you already have a functioning website and great marketing. But what id your clients could schedule appointments directly on your website? Or what if you were the first to pop up on a Google search? Imagine the ease and business that would bring to you. That’s what we specialize in, making your life easy.

Contact us today so we can discuss your business goals, budget, and what we can do to help you get there.

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