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Infographics for the marketplace is an image of a product with brief information about its characteristics that can interest the target audience.

In this article, we'll understand how infographics affect sales and look at the 10 best programs and services for creating them.

Why you need infographics on marketplaces like FloraFox ?

High competition on marketplaces puts strict requirements on the design of cards. Using infographics makes your product more noticeable and prevents it from getting lost in the overall mass of similar products.

Infographics can convey information to the user faster than text. It helps find a product at a quicker pace, analyze its parameters and make a purchasing decision.

The purpose of using infographics is to quickly show the useful qualities of a product in a simple and clear form, easy for perception. This allows you to attract attention and induce a purchase, and promote the product card to the top. Such images usually contain a photo and text, sometimes stylized pictures, graphs, charts, diagrams or short videos.

Why do you need infographics on marketplaces?

The text must be readable - large enough and not merge with the background. Spelling and other errors should be avoided - they will reduce customer loyalty to the store and negatively affect sales.

Disadvantages: poor-quality photos, poorly visible text, worn-out talking points, which are appropriate for any dietary supplement, does not reflect the uniqueness of the product.

Creating infographics can be entrusted to a designer or do the work yourself. The second option is especially relevant for small store owners and people with limited budgets. Below we look at the top ten programs and services that can be used to create infographics for marketplaces.



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